I craft awesome WordPress themes and plugins

I craft awesome WordPress themes
and plugins

Hi, I’m a WordPress Front-End Developer
based in Montreal, Canada.

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I can help you to integrate your WordPress Themes respecting Coding Standards and using the latest technologies available.

Why you should choose me

  • My experience

    14 years experience in IT, and I work with WordPress since 2004.
  • Theme Review

    Member of the WordPress.org themes review team.
  • Install and Update

    Install and update WordPress core, themes and plugins.
  • Backup

    Security backup with easy restores service for WordPress sites.
  • Web performance

    Deliver your content to users as quickly as possible, save your money.
  • Great Storyteller

    Daddy of a boy who likes my story about Bionicle, lion the king, brave rabbit ...
  • Responsive Design

    Deliver web pages in different sizes, for desktops, tablets and mobile devices.
  • eCommerce

    Create your online shop using Woocommerce plugin
  • WordPress consulting

    Answering to all your questions about WordPress world.
  • Technologies and services

    Gulp, Sass, Less, HAML, jQuery, MySQL, Git, PHP, GitHub, Google Services.
  • Front-End Frameworks

    Strong knowledge of Zurb Foundation and Bootstrap front-end framework
  • Search Engine Optimization

    Using SEO will give to your site a great visibility on the search engines.

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