Valeriu Tihai

I'm a Web Developer who builds high-quality websites,
based in Montreal, Canada.

I turn your Business into a successful one using the power of the Internet and I love what I do!

Hi, I’m Val. Nice to meet you.

I develop custom WordPress websites for a small and medium company or web agency.
Valeriu Tihai

Since 1998, I have helped small businesses and agencies around the world integrating, developing and also promoting web presence.

I mostly use WordPress and WooCommerce as I believe it most often the best fit for my clients. Also being open source, it just makes sense working and sharing the experience with its huge community. I am proud to contribute to the WordPress core, I think that giving back is a healthy way to do business.

All code I write is SEO friendly. I also provide technical Search Engine Optimization services to improve search engine rankings.

Be fast - improving the speed of your website should be your number one priority, performance plays a major role in the success of any online venture.

Problem-solving is one of my specialties. Just tell me what the issue is and I’ll figure out a solution that works for you.

I'm quietly confident, naturally curious, and perpetually working on improving my personal and professional skills to be ready to help your business succeed.

You can work with me in some ways

– I collaborate with business owners, who want to have a new presence on the web;

– I partner with website designers to transform the images into amazing useful websites;

– Improve existing customer relationships and acquire new customers faster with CRM (Customer Relationship Management) software;

– I work with marketing or SEO specialists to collect, transform the stats invaluable and useful data;

– The network of professionals I use to build custom digital teams is filled with top-notch 360° Graphic Designers, Copywriters etc.

– Looking for a white label development partner? Yeah, I do that too!

Let’s Talk

Tell me about your business, and I will help you build the right solution for your needs.